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Reduxion Theatre Season 9: Evolution

The Woman in Black: October 14-29, 2016

Journey into darkness this Halloween season for a tale of the supernatural that will leave your spine tingling and your eyes disbelieving. Based on the book of the same name, and currently the second-longest running play on London’s West End, this dark and haunting ghost story is the perfect treat for a crisp Autumn evening. Join us, if you dare!

Digital Program


Jane Austen’s Christmas Cracker!: December 2-17, 2016

Raise a cup of good cheer and join us this holiday season for a magical journey through time, back to the elegance and society of a Regency Christmas ball, complete with sweets, treats, caroling and, best of all, an entire cast of characters from Jane Austen’s world. Dance and sing along with your beloved favourites in this holiday classic from Reduxion Theatre.



Reduxion Devised: ScissorTail ~ Spring

Experience the joy and the wonder of intimate movement with this world-premiere piece devised entirely for Reduxion Theatre by international movement and intimacy expert, Tonia Sina. Experimental theatre at its best, this piece is entirely presented using physical story-telling, and will challenge your conception of what theatre can be.