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Reduxion Theatre Company is an Oklahoma nonprofit performing arts company devoted to producing innovative live theatre.


Reduxion Theatre Company provides educational opportunities to people of all ages. From workshops to master classes, private coaching to children's programming, many are offered free through the Metropolitan Library System.

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About Classics for Kids

Our original series of interactive children's programming based on the works of classical authors such as William Shakespeare and Jane Austen! Follow along as the lovable Professor Spillsby joins "The Juggling Fiends," a touring troupe of actors, on their way to various adventures!

Our group of hearty players visit a Science Fair, compete in a Drama Competition, journey to Italy, and search for long-lost treasure! Along the way, they learn about literature, science, good manners, and good food!  Using classical text from Shakespeare and Jane Austen, intermixed with modern language and plenty of silliness, children ages 3-10 will be kept wrapped in attention and laughing along with the antics of our heroes!

Join us for a unique way to learn about some of the greatest literature ever written with some of OKCs best loved family characters!  Adults love it, too!!

This RTC original series for families is recommended for ages 3 to 10.

The following is a brief synopsis for each of Professor Spillsby's adventures:

Each play may be seen as part of a larger story or viewed in any order, entirely enjoyable on their own!

Professor Spillsby Digs into Shakespeare

Meet the love-able Professor Spillsby and "the Juggling Fiends" as they explore the power of William Shakespeare's plays in performance: soliloquies and silly sword fights explode as the Professor is introduced to Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth in a fun and accessible way! Clowns, ponies, and a whole lot of fun for the entire family! Running time approx. 45 min.

Professor Spillsby Goes to the Festival

The Professor and "The Juggling Fiends" travel to the River Bottom Shakespeare Festival where we meet the Professor's rivals: Mrs. Stump & Crabtree, who have secret plans in store for the hearty group of adventurers. Audiences learn about science, Shakespeare, and good manners as we cover Shakespeare's plays The Tempest and Henry V. Running time approx. 1 hr.

Professor Spillsby Hunts for Treasure

The good Professor and friends go on an international hunt for "The Lost Treasure of Juliet" and learn about the wit and wisdom of Shakespeare's leading ladies. Along the way, they travel Italy, enjoy good food, take some photos, learn a little Italian, and even need your help a time or two to find the treasure! Running time approx. 50 min.

Professor Spillsby and the Mystery of Juliet's Ring

Join Professor Spillsby and the merry band of actors, “The Juggling Fiends” as they travel back in time to meet one of English literature’s most famous novelists, Jane Austen. Journey with the Professor & friends as they learn the secrets of “Juliet’s Ring” in this newest chapter of the good Professor's adventure journal! Running time approx. 50 min.

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