Intimate. Innovative. In your lap.

Reduxion Theatre Company is an Oklahoma nonprofit performing arts company devoted to producing innovative live theatre.

An important new voice in Oklahoma Theater
— Eric Webb, Oklahoma Gazette


2007 | Erin & Tyler Woods

Artistic Director

2007 - 2016 | Tyler Woods

2016 - 2017 | Tonia Sina

2017 - Present | Tyler Woods

Managing Director

2007 - 2016 | Erin Woods

Design & Marketing

2007 - 2018 | Erin Woods


About Reduxion Theatre

Reduxion Theatre Company (RTC) was founded by husband and wife team, Erin and Tyler Woods, in 2007. Throughout a decade of creation, collaboration, and innovation, RTC remained one of Oklahoma's artistic treasures, and is proud to have contributed to the development of Oklahoma's rich theatrical environment by producing intimate, fresh looks at classical theatre using small casts, live music, innovative staging and "theatre-in-your-lap" style audience interaction.

RTC built two proprietary venues in Oklahoma City, providing a safe space for artists to create and grow within its walls. In 2014, Reduxion Theatre was named a Resident Theatre Company at The Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City.

In 2015, Founding Artistic Director Tyler Woods was honored with the Oklahoma Governor's Arts Award in Community Service for a lifetime of artistic service to the people of Oklahoma.

Mission Statement

To professionally produce both classical and contemporary theatre, enriching Oklahoma's cultural, educational and economic climate, attracting artists and audiences from around the world.

Vision Statement

To establish a full-time professional Theater in Oklahoma.

Origin of the Name

Redux-ion:  From the Latin "redux" (to revisit) and the process of "reducing" a sauce in the culinary arts to its purest form - its essence.

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